Tuesday, 7 August 2018

How to use includes operator in query filter ?

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It has been a long time, there is no post in salesforce4u, I am apologizing for being so late, now I am assuring you, there will be at least one post in each month.

We will start with the simple one, Last week I faced one query exception "expecting left parentheses, found ':'",  Let me share how did I resolve that issue.

The requirement was just filtering records using multi-select picklist values. What exactly will come to a developer mind ??  Use the following operator to accomplish.

1. LIKE - It will be used for normal string/text field filter and it's a partial match.
2. CONTAINS - It is not being used at all in SOQL
3. INCLUDES - This is the best one to use for this requirement.

How to use INCLUDES operator in the SOQL query.

Below is the code snippet to filter Account based on value  ( 'Agriculture','HR' ).

Static Querry
List<Account> accList = [Select id,name,LOB__c from Account where LOB__c INCLUDES ('Agriculture','HR') ];
System.debug('accList ---'+accList[0]);

Dynamic Query

set<String> lobSet = new Set<String>{'Agriculture','HR'};
System.debug('lobSet ---'+lobSet );

String queryFilter = '';
For(String str :lobSet ){
   queryFilter += queryFilter == '' ? '(\''+str+'\'' : ','+ '\''+str+'\'';
queryFilter += ')';
System.debug('queryFilter ---'+queryFilter );

String sQuery = 'Select id,name,LOB__c from Account where LOB__c INCLUDES  '+queryFilter;
System.debug('sQuery ---'+sQuery );
List<Account> accListDynamicQueryResults = Database.query(sQuery);
System.debug('accListDynamicQueryResults ---'+accListDynamicQueryResults );

For more info related to Includes operator

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